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Close to the customer

Customer focus: service without compromise

A repair cost insurance is only as good as the service received when insurance claims arise. With this in mind, CarGarantie works day in, day out, on how to improve its performance and introduce innovations that provide comprehensive service and peace of mind – from the insurance agreement to the handling of damage claims. Professionalism, expertise, progress and top-class offers are a given here.

All-round service from specialists

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Repair cost insurance handling
Need approval for repairs to go ahead or have questions about a damage claim? Then all you need to do is contact our insurance handling department:
Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tlf.: +45 7370 9396
E-mail: skade@cargarantie.dk

For full information on warranties, insurance documents, advertising materials, or if you need advice, please contact our ServiceCenter:
Tlf.: +45 7370 9396
E-mail: info@cargarantie.dk

Contact and service

Contact and service